1 February – 4 June 2019
Registration Packages
Registration + Payment for lunch (payment in EUR) - 12 EUR 12 EUR
Registrace + Platba za oběd (payment in CZE) - 320 Kč 12 EUR (approx. 320 CZK)
Additional packages
Conference dinner party (payment in EUR) - 18 EUR 18 EUR
Společenský večer ke konferenci, s občerstvením (payment in CZE) - 450 Kč 18 EUR (approx. 450 CZK)
Collection of Charles university in Prague (payment in EUR) - 16 EUR 16 EUR
Sbírky Univerzity Karlovy v Praze (payment in CZE) - 400 Kč 16 EUR (approx. 400 CZK)

Participation is free again for this year’s UNIVERSEUM conference – there are no conference fees. Your contribution will pay for catering expenses; if visiting the Charles University collections, your payment covers travel expenses from Brno to Prague and lunch in Prague.

The personal information collected is only used by our staff for the purpose of organizing of the UNIVERSEUM conference and for the use that complies with these purpose. We do not share your information with any third parties except when applicable by law. We do not sell, communicate or divulge your information to any mailing lists.


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